Ramadan Food Aid Appeal 2009

Hunger is a major problem in many parts of the world where famine is a cause of substantial deaths. SMT Ramadan food packages are composed of a variety of staple foodstuffs which cover the major food groups. These are usually distributed in areas which are in need of emergency relief as well as in abnormally poor areas. Costs vary.

Over the past few years SMT has carried out a food aid programme for the poor during the month of Ramadan: In which many families are provided with basic necessities such as bags of flour, oil, dates, rice etc.

This programme has grown rapidly since it started:

* In 2004 over 500 poor families benefited during Ramadan with this programme.
* In 2005 over 1000 poor families benefited in Africa and South Asia
* In 2006 over 2000 families were able to benefit with the food aid packages.
* In 2007 over 3000 food aid packages were distributed during Ramadan.
* In 2008 over 5000 food aid packages were distributed during Ramadan.

Please donate generously and ensure these poor families are able to spend the whole of Ramadan in ease. £15 provides a monthly provision for one family.

Please register your £15 for Ramadan food Aid on our donations page.