Ramadhan FM Oldham

Radio Ramadhan is the best medium for your target Muslim Audience

We are pleased to announce that Ramadhan Radio will be commencing in Oldham this year on the 2nd of August 2011. The station will broadcast 24 hours a day on 87.7FM and will continue throughout the month of Ramadhan.



The radio station will be run by the community for the community, using the skills and knowledge of the local Muslim population and the wider community in Oldham, Rochdale, Ashton and parts of Manchester. Our aim is to use the radio as an effective medium to bring together the community of Oldham and facilitate stronger links between the various sections of our community.

Ramadhan Radio 87.7 FM will provide religious, educational, spiritual, current affairs and general information programming for Muslims of all ages in Oldham. Our aim is to present the true meaning of Islam; that of peace, love, understanding and respect. The station will be run as a non-profit making venture with all income after running costs going to charitable causes.