Syria Winter Appeal

Poster appeal for syria winter campaign.

With over six million people displaced inside syria and more than 2.3 million registered refugees living just outside the borders of syria the situation in Syria is becoming increasingly unbearable. It is the coldest winter Syrians have seen in 100 years. Save the Mothers Trust will be travelling to the Turkish borders of Syria to aid those in many of the refugee camps scattered around the area. We urge you to help by donating;

£10 will buy one thermal blanket for those in desperate need of some warmth

£25 will buy much needed food packs which will include baby milk powder

£50 will buy thermal blankets for a family of five, providing much needed relief from the cold

£200 will buy a full winter pack, this includes 5 thermal blankets, mats, coats, socks, gloves, tinned food and a stove

Please donate today! Anything you can give is something.