Thalassemia Project (Pakistan)

There are more than 1000 patients in Haripur and its surroundings, who are suffering from this deadly disease, Thalassemia with a very pathetic health condition and the average life of these patients is under 20 years, whereas a large number of Thalassaemic patients died without diagnosis.
In this contention SMT Hospital has established Thalassaemia Centre in March 2010, and since its establishment this organization is providing free blood transfusion and medical services to the 93 registered patients.
On average 150 patients are treated each month.
To achieve quality-assured blood transfusion and standard medication this organization has commenced this journey with very few assets. Now in practical circumstances this organization is not only a ray of life for these poor sufferers but also educating the effected families about this deadly disease through printed material and individual counseling, as a result of which the parents are giving more attention to their children. Being in possession of very limited sources besides the regular increasing number of patients, Save the Mothers Trust is experiencing some very critical problems in continues provision of services.
In order to meet with the rising demands of quality assured blood and to facilitate these patients in timely provision of medicines, SMT has planed to launch some vital campaigns like Sponsor a Child, Sponsor a Blood Bag and Friend of SMT in near future. This campaign aims not only at raising funds to compensate the rising expenditures in the way of treatment of these innocent suffering souls, but also at creating awareness among masses regarding to promote humanitarian values with in the civil society and business community. By Sponsoring a Child, a Blood Bag or to be a Friend of SMT, you can make the difference in some one’s life.
Luck can inflict its worst aspect anytime upon anyone. Here at SMT Welfare Hospital, we strive to lift the burden of many suffering souls and replace it with the smile that seemed gone once for ever. This organization strives to bring back that belief, the belief that Life is of immense value. Your small contribution in this regard has the power to change thousands of distressed lives. Because; “Sacrifice & devotion can not be measured in terms of Gross magnitude”.

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